Payment system for one billion people

Send and receive payments directly, without paperwork and instantly. Control of your money is yours.

Associate your Interledger Protocol provider accounts and easily manage them from one place.

What can you do with PeerPay?

  • Send in your currency and receive in your currency automatically
  • Receive immediately, without retention of your income
  • Have traceability of your movements
  • Manage all your accounts in one place
  • Manage receipts of each movement
  • And much more.

No custody of your money

All your accounts and money are on the network and we only help you manage it, but everything is under your complete control.


Integrated with Interledger Protocol

We are in the revolution with Web 3.0 and we need our services to be under the same standards of decentralization and empowerment for users.

That is why we use Interledger Protocol (ILP) as the base technology for the transfer of value between accounts

Integrate PeerPay in your Applications

Soon we will have our API ready so you can integrate PeerPay as a payment method in your applications.

Do you want to see how it will work? See an example

Partners and investors

PeerPay is a project funded by Grant For The Web and supported by the Interledger Foundation

Grant for the web

FundaciĆ³n Interledger
Why PeerPay?

No custody of your money

All your money is on the same network, so you are always in control of your money.


Our focus is to simplify the sending and receiving of money. We are also users and we want to make things easier.


Send and receive money without worrying about where the other person/company resides.

Who can use PeerPay?


Anyone can use PeerPay to send and receive money in their own currency, with no country or amount restrictions



From micro-businesses to multinationals, everyone can accept payments for their services using PeerPay and sell their products all over the world.


Financial entities

Financial institutions can participate in this protocol and connect with each other, providing added value to their customers and participating in Web 3.0

Financial entities
No hidden costs

You can use PeerPay totally free, without bureaucracy or additional costs.
There are no fixed costs, we only charge for each transaction made.

You can use PeerPay right now just by signing up.
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