Privacy Policy

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About the use of passwords

Each user's password to access PeerPay is stored and encrypted on cloud servers.
The password/auth token for each wallet in the payment process is requested from the user at all times to confirm an action and is only stored on the computer where that password is used, without the platform or any other entity having access to it.

Use of platform information

All the information generated is only used for the purpose of offering services within PeerPay and sending emails.
The information will not be used for the purpose of sending promotions.

Disclosure of personal data

PeerPay does not disclose the personal data of its users. It does not deliver them to third parties, except for those that are strictly necessary to comply with the committed service, as occurs with emails, which go through the email server to send information or actions for each user.
PeerPay may disclose system usage statistics without compromising the confidentiality of its users' data.

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